Word Riddle Games: Find the Suitable Word Partner

Find The Partner These set of words are used together can you find the second half? Example: Trial and Error Nice and ……… Wax and ………. Flesh and ……… Pins and ……….. Bread and …….. Skin and ……… Apples and ……… Beck and …….. Bells and ……. Odds and …….. Dead and …….. By and

Rebus: Guess the Name of the Place from the Hints Given

Rebus are the kind of riddles where you have to guess a word from the given set of pictures or hints. In the picture below you will see a set of pictures which represent the name of a place. Can you guess the name of this famous place? Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and

Picture Riddle: Guess the Name of the Movies.

Share it when you get the answer. in the given picture there are some images that represent a name of the movie. Can you guess the name of these movies? Leave your answers in the comment section.

WhatsApp Riddle: Is it a Murder or Suicide?

Wear your detective hats to solve this riddle. Here is a picture of a death scene. Can you look at the image and tell if it was a murder or suicide? Share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp. Answer: Few things that hint that this is a murder and not suicide. The gun

Murder Mystery: How Did the Police Find The Killer

Put on your detective glass and solve this murder mystery riddle. A man takes his wife into their local woods and suddenly kills her, he leaves no evidence. The day after he gets a call from the police saying come to the crime scene. The man goes there straight away and gets arrested. How did the police