16 Famous Logos With Hidden Messages

Did you know that some companies have little hidden messages in their logos? Most of them you will have to look a little harder to see what you may have missed at first glance. In the video you will see 16 logos of popular brands with hidden messages in them. It makes you wonder how … Read more

Heart Touching Advertisement by Vizen CCTV

A heart touching advertisement created by Vizen CCTV. The end of the ad has a deep tagline which says “There is much more truth that you are blind to”. This ad from Vizen, Thailand really touches your heart when you see how it ends. Thailand ad by Vizen CNS CCTV Did you enjoy the video? … Read more

Next Time You Go Out, Be Sure To Make A Plan To Get Home Safely, Friends are Waiting

This Budweiser Ad has conveyed a very nice message. Next time you go out, be sure to make a plan to get home safely. Your friends are counting on you. Make sure you plan your outings when you have pets at home. They are not able to complain and they will be happy to see … Read more

These Comeback Videos From Maggi Noodles Would Make You Miss it More

I guess every Indian must have tasted and enjoyed Maggi and some point of his life. The Maggi ban actually depressed the entire nation. I understand it was banned on health grounds and it should not be promoted but it has been an integral parts of our lifes. Maggi Noodles was our one and only … Read more

SodaStream Commercial: Sorry, Coke and Pepsi

A advertisement created to show that Pepsi and Coke are unhealthy because of the added sugar levels. The commercial also shows how making Soda at home is a better option to stay healthy. ‘Sorry, Coke & Pepsi’ is the uncensored (and rejected) version of SodaStream’s commercial for the 2014 Super Bowl, starring Scarlett Johansson. Sorry, … Read more

Awesome and Creative Advertisement Ideas

I love to follow Creative Advertising. Whenever I see some good ads I like to collect them. Here are some of the ads from my collection. You might have give a second look to some ads to truly understand why they are awesome. I won’t spoil the fun of these advertisements by describing them. I … Read more