Awesome and Creative Advertisement Ideas

I love to follow Creative Advertising. Whenever I see some good ads I like to collect them. Here are some of the ads from my collection.

You might have give a second look to some ads to truly understand why they are awesome. I won’t spoil the fun of these advertisements by describing them.

I hope you enjoy them and share it if you love it. 😉

ad ideas tobasco-corn-ad
Tabasco Sauce Ad
ad Ideas Sprite
Sprite Shower Ad
Ad ideas Berger
Berger Paints Ad
ad ideas Heinz
Heinz Tomato Ketchup Ad
ad ideas brazil-drink-drive
Dangers of drink-driving. The copy reads “Now you see it. Now you don’t.”.
ad ideas french-illiteracy-ad-2
This French campaign was implemented to raise awareness of illiteracy levels. We suppose they would have to be pretty well versed in English too, but a novel idea nonetheless.
ad Ideas iwc
IWC Watch Ad
ad Ideas Schweppes
Schweppes Indian Tonic Water Ad
ad Ideas Disabled
Facilities for Disabled People Awareness Campaign
ad Ideas iPhone Apps
iPhone. Different People Different Apps Ad
ad Ideas Kitkat
KitKat Ad
ad Ideas McDonalds1
McDonalds Free Coffee Ad
ad Ideas McDonalds2
McDonald’s French Fries Ad
ad Ideas McDonalds3
McDonald’s French Fries Ad 2
ad Ideas Simpson
Homer Simpson Escalator Ad
ad Ideas Smint

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