How to make Halloween Pumpkin Pretzels

Get into the Halloween spirit with this easy and fun way to create pumpkin pretzels. All you need is white chocolate, pretzels, and green M&M\’s! Enjoy! How to make Halloween pumpkin pretzels Did you enjoy the video? Do share your feedback in the comments section below.

How to Make Portable Ice for your Booze at BBQs

Here comes Friday again. Here something that you can use over the weekend. You probably have faced this issue in the past. when you want to keep your drinks cold when outdoors. You either have to carry bulky ice buckets or manage with warm drinks. Here’s a nice solution to the problem. All you need … Read more

World Heart Day: Five Superfoods To Boost Your Cardiac Health

To achieve a happy and healthy life, it’s important to include heart-healthy foods in one’s daily routine so as to keep diseases at bay. Keeping World Heart Day in mind, which is observed on September 29, to keep your heart healthy include salmon, which is high on Omega 3 and munch walnut to lessen the … Read more

The Change in McDonalds Since 1955

Many must have tried the food at McDonald’s but very few know how they have changed over the years. Here is a short video, which shows the change in the food McDonald’s is serving since it started in 1955. Once you know let me know what surprised you…. 🙂 McDonald’s: 1955 Vs. Now Did you … Read more

Learn How To Quickly Cut And Serve A Watermelon!

Have you ever served your guests with watermelon? Many will agree that cutting a watermelon is a laborious task. Watch this video and learn how to quickly cut and serve a watermelon. You can impress your guests by serving it in a visually brilliant way as mentioned in the video. Learn How To Quickly Cut … Read more

Make Eatable Chocolate Bowls For Your Ice Cream

Tempted to eat an entire ice cream bowl? Now you can eat the ice cream bowl too…. yes, once you learn to make these awesome bowls. Making the bowls is simple. Wash your balloons, blow them up, dip them in chocolate, wait for the chocolate to dry, and then pop away! Fill them with ice … Read more

An Introduction to Wine

A simple article to cover the basics of wine. What is wine? Wine has been made for centuries from just a two simple ingredients: yeast and grape juice. Actually, just about any fruit juice can be used, but by far the majority of all wine is made from the juice of the grape. How is … Read more