WhatsApp Riddle: Is it a Murder or Suicide?

Wear your detective hats to solve this riddle.

Here is a picture of a death scene.

Can you look at the image and tell if it was a murder or suicide?

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Few things that hint that this is a murder and not suicide.

  1. The gun is in the right hand and the blood has splattered on the wall on the right side.
  2. The victim was clearly sitting and writing at the desk and also smoking at the time he was shot. If it would have been a suicide he would finish the cigarette and then shoot himself.

37 thoughts on “WhatsApp Riddle: Is it a Murder or Suicide?”

  1. A couple of things… First, look at the victim’s fingers on the gun. His finger is not around the trigger, as would be expected if pulling the trigger were his last act. Instead, his finger is outside the trigger guard. Notice also the empty wine bottle in the trash. The lamp was unplugged, the glasses were not on his head, and it’s apparently nighttime outside, so he probably wasn’t writing anything. He likely could hardly see at all. There’s only one thing that makes sense to me. The victim was drunk. He stumbled into this room in the dark, knocking over the stool. He lost a shoe somewhere, who knows where? But he was smoking a cigarette — maybe it came from the pack on the table, maybe not, we can’t know. We also can’t know that those are his glasses or that he was writing anything. I believe he was drunk, he passed out in the floor — cigarette still burning in his hand — and someone shot him in the head with the gun, then placed it into his hand. Note the blood spatter on the wall, which is consistent with blood exploding out of an entry wound in a contained skull. The radial pattern is in a direction exactly away from where the victim lies on the floor, suggesting he was shot while in the very position he is in now. If he had been sitting on the stool, facing away from the desk, and shot himself in the head, that resulting blood spatter would have a bullet hole in the middle of it. But it doesn’t. Is that the spent shell casing lying on the desk? I can’t tell, but it could be. If so, it was placed there, because there is no logical scenario for the shooting that would cause the casing to land where it is. The casing would have ejected out the right of the gun and to the back. If he were facing the window, it wouldn’t just drop down onto the desk. Facing away from the window? It would have landed on the floor out in the middle of the room. Shot while lying on the floor? Still the casing would have gone out into the room. My assessment — murder.

  2. I was a Murder. for these main reasons. 1. Gun & cigar was still intact in her hands, a person who falls from a chair will definitely lose any item in their hands due to the impact. 2. The lampshade was unplugged-criminals like dark after killing someone so they will not be noticed. 3. the empty shell was not in the crime scene! 4. Slipper is Missing-criminal took it as souvenir haha!.5. She is only doing her homework, not a suicide note! 6. Finger prints were not found because the criminal uses gloves. 7. CCTV recorded the intruder! THE INVESTIGATION CASE IS CLOSED.

  3. Its just a painting .. not a picture of real sceane so … no one gives a perfect answer… xpct the painter of this painting .


    1. the bullet entered from the left to the right when sitting facing the desk thus the blood spatter on the wall
    2. she’s holding a cigarette on the left hand and a firearm on the right hand BUT there’s a pen and note on the desk
    3. observe the ash tray its towards the left which confirms that she was smoking with her left hand while writing the note using her right hand
    3. she later put then pen and took the firearm with the right hand as the left still held the smoke
    4. the chair is round which suggest she was not limited to movement – she then turned her back against the table
    5. with her right hand she fired
    6. the chair confirms that her back was against the table as it fell under the table whereas if it she was facing the table it would have fallen away from the table
    7. her knees are facing the opposite direction to the table confirming that she was sitting with her back against the table
    8. the chair fell behind her knees also confirming the seating direction to be against the wall
    9. the shoe belongs to the right leg also confirming direction on seating.

    in conclusion – she shot herself but the confusion is on the seating position



    • actually, the pen is on the left side, the cigarette carton is on the left side….the lit cigarette is in the left side…if she was smoking and was shot, the splatter indicates this….the letter is also unfinished, why would they do it before finishing the “suicide note”…also the blood is leaking out the RIGHT side of her brain…look closer, it would leak that way more than where the bullet entered…..think think think!

  5. It was an accident the woman was drinking and writing she then went to go put up her glass while there she heard a noise and grabbed her gun when she came back instead or relighting her cigarette she grabbed a new one to calm her nerves due to her being drunk she then tipped over hit her head on the wall and died due to brain damage. case closed

  6. She was definetly murdered, no doubt.

    1) She was sitting down when shot, because the splash is not as high as she is at all.

    2) Theres blood comming from the right side of her face, so she got shot while facing her desk

  7. The person is right handed.
    She wrote a suicideNote with Right hand as is the paper alignment is for R hand person.
    She was smoking while writing. R hand person can smoke with L hand while R hand is busy.
    As she finished the note, kept the pen, took off glasses, pickedUp the Gun in R hand, Turned around on the stool for unknown reason and shot herSelf on R temple, exit wound may be on left i.e. grounded side. Lamp unpluging may b due to falling hand

  8. I think it’s suicide.

    1. When she shot herself she isn’t facing the table but on the left side, it is shown by the position of the chair falling on the right side because she fell backward while facing the left side.

    2. The lamp was unplugged, at the same time the glasses were removed meaning she’s done writing. The murderer wouldn’t have bother to unplug the lamp.

    3. The blood splatter is on level with the head. If she was shot, the blood should be downward or atleast at a lower level to the head while sitting.

    4. The live cigarette prior to suicide may be a sign of depression and there are some suicide cases that the suicidee would have on last cigarette hit.

    • murder, he is holding the smoke in his left hand he not she was left handed. had he really shot himself he would have used his left hand. the ash tray is on the left side and whatever he was writing he left the pen on the left side of the paper. he turned to face his killer was shot the killer put the gun in the free hand not holding the smoke.

      • Also the lamp is conspicuously unplugged and his left shoe missing possibly a hint. the blood splatter is way to tight to have been from a distance he was pushed against the wall. no smoke from the cigarette means he didn’t have time to light it. had he lit the smoke it would have burned down to his fingers, take it from a smoker.

        • You just have to realize that the exit wound is on the right side of the face and the gun is on her right hand , if she shot herself the gun would have been on the left hand which would create the exit wound to be toward the right side of the head and you also have to realize that a suicide shot is mostly based on full contact with the head , if that would’ve happened then the exit wound would created a bigger splatter on the wall , the splatter on the wall makes it obvious the shooter was distant from the victim. So this is murder

    • Except that the ejected casing is on the desk on what would have been the person’s left side, if facing away from the desk. Had the person shot themselves, the bullet casing would have landed somewhere in front of them on the floor (most likely to their right, as they were facing before falling), not behind them and to the left. Also, the splatter pattern would be more of a spray, and generally higher on the wall, as most people would naturally shoot in an upward angle.

  9. But if they wer writing.. wouldnt they be wearing the glasses? And wouldnt the pen be in the hand not the gun? And wouldnt the flip flop be under the desk too?

  10. murder. Position of the sleeper, cigar and gun seems planted.
    Victim is left handed by the way he is holding his cigarette but the weapon is on his right hand..
    the pen is on the left side where he is writing ang the ashtray is on the left side where he smokes.
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  11. I believe it’s a suicide…
    Here are the reasons based on my observations…
    1. The way the paper is positioned on the table… She uses her right hand to write. Thats her dominant hand. The pen placement has nothing to do with it…
    2. The shot splatter on the wall is based on her height and position. From the height it looks like she was in a sitting position facing her back towards the table.
    3. Cigarette smoking CAN be done with your non dominant hand when your primary hand is busy.. So please lets not bring that up again.
    4. There is a bottle in the garbage can… Indicating that she might have been drinking.. Also i cannot tell if she was taking drugs or not based on what’s on the table.. Most suicidal cases have some sort of alcohol and drug consumption to dull the senses..
    5. The glasses are on the table.. If you were attacked.. You would not have time to take off your glasses and put them on the table on top of your notes… And most people will take off their glasses before shooting themselves in the head.
    6. Contrary to popular belief… It IS possible for a suicide victim to be clutching and holding on to the weapon and cigarettes after death.
    This is a suicide.. Not a murder…

    • When one is shot in the head and dies instantly the muscles tense and lock it’s called the “Death Grip” by many forensics experts.

        • No rigor mortis is diffrent then the death grip, rigor mortise takes time and happens through a 72 hour period when your body starting soft then hard then back to soft. Death grip is the sudden shock to your nervous system and you’re muscle tense up

    • There’s another simple reasoning that she was RIGHT HANDED and that she was indeed killed!

      Right handers place the lamps towards their left, to avoid the shadow of their palm streaking across the lettering. If she was right handed, the lamp must be placed in the left.

      Since the lamp is in the right, the lady must be a LEFTIE.

      As for the height of the blood splatter, not much can be determined. Considering that the gun is a regular Revolver, the impact of the bullet will be very high that the blood spatter will appear to be at the same height of the head, irrespective of the angle of the gun.

      As for the paper angle, it might have probably tilted as her hand grazed the desk as she fell down.

    • Exactly what I said, how could it been murder if she was left handed and writing, the cigerette would of been in the right hand because she need her left hand to write. So he or she is right handed, was done writing and put the pen done on the paper. Moved away from the table pointed the gun in the mouth and blew brains out; the splatter is upwards. Body fell back and stool slide under with legs to the left because of dead body weight. My son is left handed and when he write his paper leans towards the right, right hand people leans paper towards left.

  12. It’s a pure murder. and iam damn sure of it
    ..1.body position and blood trace on the wall doesn match..

    .2.rhe gun on right hand..if it was a suicide..rite after the effect of the shot the gun will drop from the hand…here it looks as thought sumone has placed it.

    ..3.the suicide note…the lady is a lefty so the pen n specks is proper but the paper is positioned to write side…

    4.the lamp is unplugged and its nite..its dark on the window

    5.as the lady is a lefty if u take a bullet extra it wud b kept to left side of the table.

    ..6.the slipper is sum where far from body …then the stool shows a struggle.

    .7 bullet shot is a clean shot..but lady has blood from mouth side of neck 8.a closed cigarette pack…if u were writing a letter and chain smoking would you bother & close & keep every time u take

    A lefty would not keep the specs in this position after writing but a right handed person keeps a specks like this.
    An her finger is outside the trigger

  13. The victim is left hand. He smokes and the position of pen ,Ashtray , can all proces it. But hold the gun on right hand.. its ckear murder..

  14. None of the comments above make ANY sense to me, as far as I’m aware- it was suicide.

    If the gun is in the right hand and the blood splatter was on the right and her body position clearly indicates that she was facing away from the desk then it all adds up!

    Being a left hander doesn’t mean anything? I write with my left but my dominant side is my right- if I were suicidal I’d most likely shoot myself with a gun in my right hand. Left handlers aren’t incapable of using the right side of their body…

    Secondly, just because there was a note on the table it doesn’t mean she was facing the desk when she was shot? Her body position defies this possibility unless you’re implying that the murderer physically moved the body and planted the gun. Correct me if I’m wrong but there’s no evidence of forced entry or another suspect within the frame.

    The jandal— what does this have to do with the murder? She wasn’t boomeranged to the head with it, it’s highly unlikely a my deter would come to steal (1) jandal and it could’ve been lying there before she died? God knows how much unpaired items I have in my room, leave the jandal alone

    Thirdly, the cigarette also has nothing to do with it. It’s not impossible for someone to commit suicide in between smokes. It doesn’t make sense to me

    And lastly! It looks like a woman, where did you get man from?

    Email me if you want an argument haha

    • Mmm… I might be overthinking this whole thing, but here’s what I see:

      -Her finger isn’t on the trigger. I don’t know if that would possibly change if a self inflicted gunshot did occur.

      – The ash tray, soda and pen hint that she’s a leftie. The papers are tilted for someone that is right handed.

      -There’d be more spatter if she shot herself from the chair. She was closer to the wall.

      – The chair position is awkward, to me. It’s directly under the desk, it should line up with her shouldn’t it?

      -The unplugged light and unlocked window at nightime throw me off. Maybe the window was their way in or out. They could have unplugged the light to stay hidden (maybe when she left the room to get the soda).

      -This last one is a huge stretch, lol. Judging by the book arrangement, what if she was writing a school paper?

      · —- ·

      Oooor she unplugged the light to save on electricity. And ended it all to get out of writing that school paper?

      · —- ·

    • Vic would have to had turned completely Away from the table, With an unlit Cigarette in their hand for the Body and Bloodsplatter to be the way it is if they right handed/right Temple shot themselve. A half written Note And an unplug Light in the middle of the night is Hella suspect too. One Slipper is just ALL wrong here.

      And finally And most basic….Whos in the right mind to Shoot themselves And not Light or Finish the last smoke?

  15. The person is a leftie.. (pen ashtray coke left side cig also)*(table lamp on the right side, which indicates leftie again)
    N took off glasses when felt tired n focusing on smoking.
    Gun in the right hand n unfinished cig proves that its a murder.

  16. It’s a murder, as we can see slipper only one and the person on floor with cigar on the other hand. If person wants to commit suicide he can’t b having smoke so casually.

    • Please explain…if person is writing ..why would have removed the spectacles
      2.where is the nother slipper ??
      3cigratte is still in his hand ??


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