Murder Mystery: Who Killed the Chemical Engineer?

Got this riddle on WhatsApp today, found it interesting so sharing it here. Read the riddle and then put your detective hats on to crack this murder mystery. A known chemical engineer professor was found murdered at his home this morning.  The detectives investigated and narrowed it down to six suspects.  The names of the … Read more

BrainTeaser: Two Cars Were Involved In An Accident In The Center Of Town

This riddle will surely make you really think. Two cars were involved in an accident in the center of town. The man who was driving a little green car, had overtaken a big black car. The driver had misjudged the distance between him and the on-coming traffic and had to swerve back in, causing the … Read more

Murder Mystery: Why Was Lucy Not Poisoned After Eating The Apple?

Time to put on your detective hats to solve this murder mystery. Lucy invited a prospective victim to lunch. After the lunch they finished off with figs and grapes freshly picked. “Just one apple left”, said Lucy, “I insist you have that. “No”, said the guest, “I couldn’t”. “Tell you what”, said Lucy, “we will … Read more

Murder Mystery Riddle: Was it a Suicide or Murder?

Time to play a detective! Read the hints given in the riddle and solve the case. A detective is called at a crime scene. A man is lying dead in front of an abandoned building. According to the local Police, the sole eye witness told them that the man had jumped out of a window … Read more

Brain Teaser: How Old Are Both The Sisters?

Read carefully before posting your answer to this brain teaser. There are two sisters whose combined age is 11 years. One is 10 years older than the other. How old are both the sisters? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check if your … Read more

Brain Teaser: How Old Is His Oldest Brother?

Read the brain teaser and then answer the question. There were seven brothers in a family. They were all born two years apart. The youngest brother is 7 years old. How old is his oldest brother? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. You can check … Read more

Murder Mystery: Who Killed the Sailor on the Japanese Ship?

Wear your detective hats and find who killed the sailor. Apparently, 98% people failed to solve this murder mystery riddle. A Japanese ship was sailing in the open sea. A sailor was found murdered in the shower. After some analysis the captain found 5 crew members who could have done it. The captain called the … Read more