WhatsApp Picture Riddle: Find The Mistakes in the Picture

Share it when you find it. Identify what is wrong in the picture below. This kind of riddles help you develop your visual observation skills. (WhatsaApp question: Identify wtz wrong in the pik.a visual observation skills used during training by raw and cbi.) Answer: These were the mistakes that I could find, there could be

Fun Picture Riddle: Which Animals Do You See in The Photo?

Share the smile with your friends when you discover it. Camouflage is a wonderful power given to animals by the nature. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to spot the animals with naked eyes. Here’s an amazing camouflage photo which will bring a smile on your face. Can you find the number of animals and name them? So

Fun Picture Riddle: How Many Animals Do You See in The Photo?

Have fun finding animals. Got this riddle on WhatsApp. Here’s a complicated image created in black and white. Can you find the number of animals the artists has put in this image? Some animals are really hidden well. so don’t blame yourself if you miss them. Answer: The answer is 16. Check the image below

Fun Picture Riddle: Can You Spot the Real Man in The Photo?

Recognize this picture? This is the team of the Muppet’s show which was created by Jim Henson. In this image Jim Henson is posing along with the puppets Can you find him? James Maury “Jim” Henson (September 24, 1936 – May 16, 1990) was an American puppeteer, artist, cartoonist, inventor, screenwriter, actor, film director, and

Fun Picture Riddle: Find the Odd Fruit in The Photo

Share it when you find it. Here’s a picture from a mall where a fruit has successfully hidden itself in a basket of other fruits. No one at the fruit mall has been able to spot the culprit since 3 days. Can you find that fruit? So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave

Guess These 21 Bollywood Movie Names From The Character In The Movie.

Guess these 21 Bollywood movie names from the character in the movie. (E.g. Farhan, Chatur, Rancho.. Answer: 3 idiots) Sanjay, Ratan, Devika Teja, Gogo, Robert Prem, Manohar, Seema Kiran, Rahul, Vicky Ganga, Ram, Ballu Badshah, Benazir, Pasha Rajeshvar, Mandhari, Chunia Tony, Radha, Kishan Arjun Singh, Bheem Singh, Dashrat Singh Namdev, Damodar, Raghuvir Tina, Anjali, Rahul