Image Riddle: Find the 6 Items in This Picture, Which Do Not Belong to This Era

The Amar Chitra Katha Studio released this picture riddle a few days back which has gone viral on WhatsApp. I found it interesting and hence sharing it here tooo. Find the 6 items in This Picture, which do not Belong to This Era. So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in … Read more

Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden Among Leaves

Bird enthusiast would know spotting birds in a forest is rather difficult. In the picture there is a bird hidden among leaves, can you find it? Either you will see it within 3 seconds else you will take over a minute to find it. When you find the bird share it with your friends on … Read more

Fun Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in The Photo

Have fun while searching for a bird hidden in this picture. Nature is amazing, I really admire animal camouflage. If you too admire it, you will really like this one. I give you a biggest hint that it’s a bird in the animal and not a tortoise. 🙂 So search for the bird hidden in this … Read more

Picture Riddle: Find the Bird Hidden in the Forest

When you find it, share it!  There’s a bird in this picture of the forest, Can you find it? Don’t forget to share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. Answer: The bird is marked in the picture below. In the right part of the picture you will see a green parrot with black eyes.

Picture Riddle: Find the Hidden Bird

When you find it, share it! Can you find things easily? What if you want to find a white object that’s fallen on snow filled forest? No, you actually don’t have to do it. Here’s a picture, there’s a bird somewhere in this picture and you have to search for it. Easy, right? Don’t forget to share it … Read more

WhatsApp Picture Riddle: Find The Mistakes in the Picture

Share it when you find it. Identify what is wrong in the picture below. This kind of riddles help you develop your visual observation skills. (WhatsaApp question: Identify wtz wrong in the pik.a visual observation skills used during training by raw and cbi.) Answer: These were the mistakes that I could find, there could be … Read more

Fun Picture Riddle: Which Animals Do You See in The Photo?

Share the smile with your friends when you discover it. Camouflage is a wonderful power given to animals by the nature. Sometimes it’s pretty hard to spot the animals with naked eyes. Here’s an amazing camouflage photo which will bring a smile on your face. Can you find the number of animals and name them? So … Read more