Picture Detective Riddle: Is This a Murder or a Suicide?

If you can answer correctly, you must be a genius. Here is a picture riddle that will test your skills as a detective.

Is this Murder or suicide?

In the picture you will see a dead body and some clues. Look at the picture carefully and see if you can find anything that will help you solve the case.

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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10 thoughts on “Picture Detective Riddle: Is This a Murder or a Suicide?”

  1. Guys…. It’s obviously murder.
    The gun landed on the same side the blood splatter is on, meaning it was planted. if it were suicide he would have had to have used his right arm to shoot himself in the left temple, then his arm would have had to fall unobstructed by his legs to his right side holding the gun the entire time only to drop it exactly below his hand.

  2. Suicide
    Look at his tie & sleeves all rolled up
    If he was working & in a good space mentally he would have his upper button buttoned up & tie worn neat
    He is frustrated & stressed out hence tie down button open sleeves up. You can clearly see he is well built so if there was a struggle (which scattered things on the floor) it would surely be difficult to keep him seated in his chair
    He was frustrated he probably kicked in frustration causing the chair to fall – kind of wiped things off his table, things are scattered mostly on right side indicating a right handed person. Was maybe drinking alcohol – smashed the bottle on the left wall, again indicating Right handed person throwing it ( right handed would throw it either to the front or across to the left side wall). Also only one glass on the table indicating only one person in the room. Finally he picks up couple of papers & probably writes a suicide note or letter to loved ones (explains why paper & pen are in position as if right handed person has finished writing) & finally shoots himself with gun in his right hand

  3. It is a pure matter of suicide…. You can clearly see that the business or market graph on the wall seems to be very down all of a sudden from the top. This made the man to be in agony and all the room situation are the results of his anger…. Finally he shot himself to dead…
    Thank you… Mystery solved

  4. It’s suicide. The windows open because the air conditioning is broken (Look at the streamers) The man outside ran when he heard the gun shot. Look at the food steps by the tree. He was just going pee. The man was drinking and throwing things around because his company isn’t doing well.


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