Whatsapp Word Puzzle: Guess this Indian Name

Solve this, if u think…..u r brilliant.. A) I am a 6 letter word(name) B) 1,4  letter means yourself. C) 2,3 letters is a country name. D) 2,5 is also a country name. E) Remove first two letters means hair. F) 6, 2, 1 letters means “we” in hindi. 101% brain work. So were you able

Few Interesting Logical Riddles

Here are a Few Interesting Logical Riddles which you can ask your friends on Whatsapp, BBM, We Chat, Lime or any other chat app. You can pass it on to Whatsapp groups and impress people with your wit. The solutions are also mentioned after the questions. Puzzle 1: A guy has two wires of varying