Whatsapp Puzzles: Guess Bike Names From Emoticons and Smileys

Create puzzles with WhatsApp emoticons and smileys…and send it to friends and let them crack the puzzles. Here’s one more that’s doing rounds now. For other puzzles you would usually find a solution on Google but finding these ones are really difficult. So here a crack for one of the puzzles. Just copy paste the

WhatsApp Riddle: Guess The Rain Songs

With Monsoon starting in most parts of India here is a WhatsApp riddle with a monsoon theme. Guess the Rain songs 1. Anil kapoor -Manisha koirala 2. jeetendra – Maushami 3. Amitabh – Maushami 4. Raj kapoor – Nargis 5. Dharmendra -Asha parekh 6. Amitabh -Smita Patil 7. Manoj kumar-Zeenatamam 8. Vinod Khanna -Sridevi 9.

What Is The Password To Get Inside The Building?

For getting in a building, you need to give the correct password to the watchman. When the watchman says 6, the password is 3. When he says 12, the password is 6. But when he says 8, the password is NOT 4. What is the password when he says 8? So were you able to solve the

How many meters does Johnson beat Chris by?

Johnson, James, and Chris race each other in a 100 meters race. All of them run at a constant speed throughout the race. Johnson beats James by 20 meters. James beats Chris by 20 meters. How many meters does Johnson beat Chris by? Answer: It is tempting to guess that Johnson beats Chris by 40