Whatsapp Puzzle: Recognize The Names of The Things We Find in Kitchen

Lets play a spelling Quiz…….. Friends, recognize the names of the things we would normally find in a kitchen…..The spellings are jumbled……specially for u..to make it interesting. 1. wcmoariev 2.nenaidgtnbl 3.phrsopce 4.gtseebvale 5.eulsps 6.tnsuiels 7.lyncdire 8.cspsei 9.oikgonlci 10.grsnsoviposen 11.aipddyrroctus 12.sarttoe Lets see who is a super kitchen queen …. So were you able to solve

Guess the names of the movies from dialogues

Whatsapp Puzzles are getting difficult by the day. So many groups on whatsapp and people are waiting to solve this kind of puzzles. So here’s one more. Guess the names of the movies from dialogues Rahul, naam to suna hoga Kitne aadmi the Pyar to maine kar liya, shayad mujhse dobara na ho, It is

Few Interesting Logical Riddles

Here are a Few Interesting Logical Riddles which you can ask your friends on Whatsapp, BBM, We Chat, Lime or any other chat app. You can pass it on to Whatsapp groups and impress people with your wit. The solutions are also mentioned after the questions. Puzzle 1: A guy has two wires of varying

Whatsapp Riddle – Romeo and Juliet

Whatsapp Riddles

Solve this WhatsApp Riddle:- Romeo and Juliet are found dead on the floor in a bedroom. When they were discovered there were pieces of glass and some water on the floor. The only furniture in the room is a shelf and a bed. The house in is a remote location away from everything except for

Guess Names of Mumbai Railway Station

Check your knowledge of the MUMBAI RAILWAY STATIONS!!!!!!! Only those of you who are from Mumbai can attempt this. An example.. Mary’s & Jesus’ house entrance:Churchgate 1. Raja ka chakkar. 2. Allah ho Akbar. 3. Pandu ka Thikana. 4. This place in darkness. 5. Steps. 6. Over the hill. 7. Fair village. 8. Education resides