Guess Names of Mumbai Railway Station

Check your knowledge of the MUMBAI RAILWAY STATIONS!!!!!!!
Only those of you who are from Mumbai can attempt this.
An example.. Mary’s & Jesus’ house entrance:Churchgate

1. Raja ka chakkar.
2. Allah ho Akbar.
3. Pandu ka Thikana.
4. This place in darkness.
5. Steps.
6. Over the hill.
7. Fair village.
8. Education resides here.
9. Your head is in Curd.
10. Barber’s Village.
11. A road leading towards a devotional lady.
12. Pampering by Mom
13. Home of glucose biscuit
14. Happywala Town
15. Brother come tommorow
16. God of sky
17. Revengeful town
18. Goddess of wealth
19. Brothers inside
20. Mr khan above country

Reply with your correct answers..good luck Mumbaikars answer fast.




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