Word Riddle Games: Which Word Is The Odd One Out?

Read the riddle and find the word that is different from the others. Which word is the odd one out: First, Second, Third, Forth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth. When you get answer, share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

Find The Odd One Out: That, Hat, What, Mat, Cat, Sat, Bat, Or Chat.

Look at the list of words and leave your answers in the comment section. Find the odd one out: that, hat, what, mat, cat, sat, bat, or chat. Children will love to solve this kind of riddles so do share it with all the kids you know. They not only pass their time but also … Read more

Word Riddle Games: Find The Odd One Out

Given in this riddle is a list of 5 words. Go through the list and find the odd word out. flow snip trap draw back Share it with your friends on WhatsApp and Facebook.