Logical Riddle: Which Is The Good Guy?

Crack this riddle by applying your logical skills. You meet 2 strangers. One of them is a good guy who always tells the truth and the other is the bad guy who always lies. You don’t know who is who. So to find out you ask the first guy, “Are you the one who always

Brain Teasers: Find The Hidden Words In The Paragraph

Read the instructions and solve this interesting brain teaser. There are 8 numbers spelled out as words in the paragraph below but they are hidden within one or more words. As an example the word eight could be hidden inside one word, height or between 2 words, like this; We will ride in a sleigh

Logical Riddle: How Many Women Are There On The Table?

Sharpen your logical skills by solving this riddle. 6 people are seated around a circular table. There are at least 2 men and 2 women. There are at least 3 right handed people. Every woman has a left handed person to her immediate right. None of the women are right handed. How many women are