Brain Teasers: Find The Hidden Words In The Paragraph

Read the instructions and solve this interesting brain teaser.

There are 8 numbers spelled out as words in the paragraph below but they are hidden within one or more words.

As an example the word eight could be hidden inside one word, height or between 2 words, like this;

We will ride in a sleigh tonight.

Now find the 8 hidden number words in the paragraph below;

Where has the fat worm gone? He was wriggling away from

my reel even before I had the hook on it! If I’ve lost him, I’ll be

sorry. This evening I came prepared with reel, line and bait hoping

to catch plenty of fish. It’s not often that a worm of ours gets away!

With reel bait in hand, I know I can catch

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3 Replies to “Brain Teasers: Find The Hidden Words In The Paragraph”

  1. I found 9 numbers but you said there were 8
    2 , 1, 11 5, 7, 3, 10, 4 and 3
    So three was hidden twice

  2. In the answer nine numbers are given but in the riddle you said it is seven numbers.

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