GK Quiz: Which Is The Only Country Which Had A Flag With A Single Color?

Test your general knowledge with today’s riddle. Which is the only country which had a flag with a single color? Green – Bangladesh Green – Libya Red – Russia Red – China If you get the correct answer, share it with your friends on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking sites.

Fun Riddle: How Did Jack Lose the Bet?

Have fun with this Sunday riddle. Tom bet his neighbor Jack $100 dollars that his dog could jump higher than a house. Jack took the bet and lost. Why did he lose the bet?

General Knowledge Riddle: What Do The Following Have In Common?

How good is your general knowledge? Let’s put it to test with this general knowledge riddle. What do the following sentences have in common? 1. “Mr. Watson – come here – I want you to see you.” 2. QWERTYUIOP 3. “What hath God wrought?” Let’s see how well you know some historical events. (That’s a