Identify the Bollywood Movies by Their Vaguely Described Plots

This riddle is for all the Bollywood movie buffs. Test your skills with this cryptic puzzle.

Identify the Bollywood Movies by Their Vaguely/badly Described Plots –

1. Imposter student falls in love with the principal’s daughter, disappears after impressing him only to be tracked down years later to fulfill a drunken bet.

2. Younger brother undergoes massive transformation and dupes elder brother while pursuing childhood love against fathers wishes.

3. Woman falls in love with a doppelganger of her deceased love and uses him to identify her lover’s murderers.

4. Man makes several deposits to help out families in need. His benevolence is hidden from his lover who believes that his deposits should only belong to her and is only convinced when she sees how fulfilled these families are.

5. Woman left by her fiancée finds a much more satisfying relationship with three men and one woman.

6. Man drops a stranded girl home, finds her when she runs away, drops her home again.

7. A man prank calls the cops and sets terrorists free after someone he barely knew died.

8. Disgraced middle aged traitor takes a group of girls on a trip to redeem himself.

9. Friends convince a man to call off his wedding after risking their lives multiple times.

10. Woman betrays her nation to spite her brother. The man who she loves cannot understand her and she’s eventually friend-zoned.

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