Fun NYE Riddles: Did you hear about the New Year’s Eve kidnapping?

So you have decided to attend some party to welcome the New Year 2018?

Here are some fun party riddles that you can use to impress and have fun with all your friends or family members.

Q 1. Did you hear about the New Year’s Eve kidnapping?

Q 2. What do you tell someone you didn’t talk to on New Year’s Eve?

Q 3. What happened to the man who pondered all the reasons to give up drinking in the New Year?

Q 4. Why did the police go to the daycare center on New Year’s Eve?

Q 5. What did one traffic light say to the other traffic light, on New Year’s Eve?

Q 6. It was New Year’s Eve. Why did the girl sprinkle sugar on her pillow?

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

You can check if your answer is correct by clicking on show answer below. If you get the right answer, please do share the riddle with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social networking sites.

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