Brainteaser: Find the Height of the 2nd Pole in the Picture

Look at the given picture, and the details given.

With the help of the given information, find the height of the 2nd pole.

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3 thoughts on “Brainteaser: Find the Height of the 2nd Pole in the Picture”

  1. The published answer (16 m) is incorrect in my view…
    If a 2 m pole casts a 3 m shadow, a 4 m pole will cast a 6 m shadow.
    Hence, if the wall weren’t there, the 4 m shadow currently on wall would have cast a further 6 m long shadow.
    Thus, the total length of the shadow of red pole would have been
    = 6 + 6 = 12 m.
    Hence, the height of red pole
    = (2×12)/3 = 8 m.

    • Use the 2:3 rule for the shadow too i.e. a 4m pole casts a 6m shadow, so an upright (90°) 8m shadow is in fact 12m parallel to the ground. It seems to be 8m cause it’s upright


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