Logical Riddle: How Many People Guess 3 & 4 Fruits Correctly?

At a fair a contest is being organized.

4 fruits, namely an apple, an orange, a pear and a kiwi, have been placed in 4 closed boxes. (one fruit per box)

The boxes are numbered 1 to 4 and people are supposed to guess which fruit is in which box.

123 people participate in the contest.

The boxes are then opened, and the results are declared as follows;

43 people do not guess any fruit correctly.

39 people were able to guess 1 fruit correctly &

31 people were able to guess 2 fruits correctly.

From the given information find out how many people guess 3 fruits correctly and how many guessed 4 fruits correctly.

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2 thoughts on “Logical Riddle: How Many People Guess 3 & 4 Fruits Correctly?”

  1. Your assuming they got the first 3 right, what if they got the first wrong and the last 3 right Then there isn’t a fourth to automatically get right !

    • Think about it…
      There are 4 possibilities, so either you get all 4 correct or 2 correct and 2 incorrect or etc. So the order is not relevant in this case.
      But under any circumstances, if 3 are correct the 4th automatically will be correct.
      I hope you get it, if not let me know


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