Logical Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First III (6 Tank Both Versions)

I received 1 more of the “Which-tank-will-fill-first” riddles in 2 versions.

I am including both the versions in this riddle along with answers.

Looking at the picture below, which tank will fill first?

Version 1

Version 2

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7 thoughts on “Logical Riddle: Which Tank Will be Full First III (6 Tank Both Versions)”

  1. I agree with “S” and his son. The pipe from 5 to 2 is lower than the top of 2, and the pipe from 2 to 4 enters 4 below the top of 2. Therefore 2 can never fill up completely.

    There is no information given about flow or pipe size, so those variables cannot be part of the answer.

  2. In the top version, there can be two answers. If the tap is wide open, then 1 will fill first, just because the water will be unable to drain into 5 fast enough. If the flow is slow enough, then the water goes from 1 to 5 to 2, which fills first. Water always seeks its own level. That is fact. The pipe going into 4 is at the same level as the water flowing out of 5, which means the water will not flow into 4 until it reaches that level. However, the pipe going from 2 to 4 is narrower than the pipe from 5 to 2, this means the water will flow into 2 faster than it is able to flow out. So 2 will fill first.
    In the second version, same thing as to flow. It will be either 1 or 5.

  3. I don’t agree with your answer in the version 1 that tank 2 will fill first. Me and even my 8 year old son can tell that tank 3 will fill first. You are wrong on that tank 4 will start filling only after tank 2 is full. In fact tank 4 will start getting water when tank 2 is almost full (not completely full).
    And 4 drains into 3.

    • do you even science bro, there won’t be enough pressure until it completely fills…, I get that your son would think it, but you… tsk tsk


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