The Top 5 Riddles & Puzzles of 2016 (Jan to June)

We are half way through 2016. A good time to check look back and see what riddles you liked and shared.

The top riddles are decided solely by the page views that the riddle has got. Page Views can be directly related to likeability of the riddle. As more the people like it more they would share it and hence more people will see it.

So here is the list of the top 5 riddles of the first half of 2016;

5. Fun Math Riddle: Find the Sum of Flowers

In the picture are given some equations from which you can find the value of the flowers and hence find the sum of all 3 flowers in the picture.

Check the answer by clicking here.

4. Picture Riddle: How Many Chocolates in the Hand?

How many chocolates are there in the picture?


Check the answer by clicking here.

3. Word Riddle Games: Can You Read This?

In the picture you will see that there’s a message which is been conveyed with the help of hands.

Can you read it?


Check the answer by clicking here.

2. WhatsApp Riddle: Is it a Murder or Suicide?

Here is a picture of a death scene.

Can you look at the image and tell if it was a murder or suicide?

Check the answer by clicking here.

1. Fun Maths Riddle: If 1 + 4 = 5; Then 8 + 11 = ??


1 + 4 = 5

2 + 5 = 12

3 + 6 = 21


8 + 11 = ??


Check the answer by clicking here.

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