Fun Picture Riddle: Find the Hidden Animal

Animal’s are too good with disguises.

You must have seen many animals and their camouflage.

It is difficult to really spot them in real but a bit easier in a photograph.

See the picture below and find the hidden animal.

When you find it share it with your friends on Facebook and WhatsApp.

This is a picture taken by me from one of my visits to the Gir Forest resort. This leopards are from the caged section of the Forest. According to the officials in the park each of the animals kept in isolation were either man eaters or had attacked human beings.

But they have a large place inside the enclosure to move around. The Leopard in the picture was climbing the small hill, when we got there. WE could only see him because he was moving or else it would have been really difficult to spot him. That is the reason i made it into a riddle and shared it on this blog.

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