Forest Riddle: How Will the Swan Escape From the Tiger?

Read the riddle carefully and help the swan escape from the tiger.

A swan is swimming in a small circular pond.

A hungry tiger approaches the pond and wants to eat the swan.

But this tiger is scared of water so he waits at the edge of the pond running in circular direction.

The speed of the swan is one-fourth of that of the tiger.

Both the swan and the tiger and change directions

The only way for the swan to escape is reach the lake 500 meters away which the lion won’t enter.

Can the swan escape from the tiger?

If yes, how?


This is a trick riddle.

The swan can fly so it will just fly away to the large lake.

2 Replies to “Forest Riddle: How Will the Swan Escape From the Tiger?”

  1. What is the need to go to the lake the tiger can’t attack the swan even if it stays where it already is

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