Crack The Code: If ROSE is coded as 682; What is Code for Search

From the hints given, crack the code for the given word.

If ROSE is coded as 6821,

CHAIR is coded as 73456 and

PREACH is coded as 961473,

What will be the code for SEARCH?

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If you observe closely you will notice that each of the words are coded with the same number;

For example R in Rose and R in Chair are both coded as 6.

Similarly you have to find codes for all the letters in the word SEARCH.

The First two letters are in ROSE;

i.e SE = 21

The Next two letters can be found out from PREACH and CHAIR;

i.e. AR = 46

Last 2 letters can be found from PREACH;

i.e. CH = 73

So the code for SEARCH would be;

SEARCH = 214673

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  1. Looks like a substitution code with the following mapping:


    This means “SEARCH” is encoded as “214673”

    Many permutations of all 9 digits encode interesting messages: 356124789, 538217649, …


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