Fun Mind Riddles: What is the Speed of the Athlete

Read this fun mind riddle and answer the question.

An athlete runs 200 meters race in 24 seconds.

Her speed is:

  1. 20 kmph
  2. 24 kmph
  3. 28.5 kmph
  4. 30 kmph

Were you able to solve it in your mind or did you need a pen and paper or a calculator to solve it.

Send it to your friends on WhatsApp groups and Facebook. See how many can reply to this riddle.

Often when nobody replies, it means that they are unable to solve it


To find the speed we can use the formula for speed.

Speed = distance / time

and since we want the result in kmph we will have to convert the values into kms and hours.

Therefore speed of the athlete is;

Speed = (200/1000) / (24/(60 x 60)

Speed = .2 x 3600/24 = 30 kmph

Answer is D. 30 kmph

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