Mind Puzzles: How Many Questions Did you Get Wrong?

Challenge your brain with this mind puzzle.

You are appearing in a competitive exam.

The scoring rules are as follows;

  • Whenever you answer the question correctly you get 10 points and
  • If your answer is incorrect you lose 5 points.

You attempted all the 20 questions, which were given in the exam.

When you checked the result, you had scored 125 marks in the test.

Based on this, how many questions did you answer incorrectly?

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If all the 20 questions had been answered correctly, you would have scored a total of 200 marks.

Since you scored 125 marks, you have lost 75 marks.

Now, what you have to do is subtract 15 marks from 200 for every wrong answer.

This is because you have to deduct 10 marks for not scoring in that question and 5 marks for answering it wrong.

15 * 5 = 75

Therefore, you answered 5 questions wrong.

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