Fun Brain Game: How Many Girls Are Performing The Dance?

Here’s an easy brain game riddle.

It’s easy but it is supposed to be answered quickly, that’s where the mistakes might happen.

So make sure you think properly before you leave the answer in the comments section.

Jennifer is performing in a dance show along with her friends.

In a particular sequence, all of the girls are dancing in a straight line.

At that point, Jennifer is standing on the 4th position from either end of the row.

Can you find out how many girls are performing the dance?

So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below.

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As Jennifer is 4th from either end of the row, it means that 3 girls are on either sides of her.

3 + 3 + 1 (Jennifer herself) = 7.

Hence, 7 girls are performing the dance together.

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