Wishing You All A Successful and Glorious Happy New Year

Welcome 2016, Wish you all a successful and glorious Happy New Year. A New Year, A new start and Way to Go! Here are some quotes, message and forwards that you can use to wish your friends and family on WhatsApp.   Top New Year Quotes for 2016 “The great miraculous bell of translucent ice … Read more

Top 10 Riddles and Puzzles of 2015 (1 to 5)

Here is a list of Top 5 riddles and puzzles of 2015. If you have missed the top 6 to 10 you can check them here. 5. WhatsApp Image Puzzle: What is Wrong With This Picture? Look at the image carefully and see what is wrong in it. Answer: Click Here 4. WhatsApp Picture Riddle: … Read more

Top 10 Riddles and Puzzles of 2015 (6 to 10)

2015 has been a good and we have reached the last day of the year. I decided to look back for a moment and find out the best of the riddles and puzzles of the year. The ranking is purely decided on the amount of buzz it created online. So here’s the list of the … Read more

Word Riddle Games: Complete the Words

Test your skills with words. Mentioned below are some meaningless and incomplete words that can be completed adding random letters on either sides of the word. For an example, the word “eni” can be formed into “Senior”. Using the same technique, can you complete the given words? ecalc airb rinci tibac uidel gorit igna tize … Read more

Picture Riddle: Find the Hidden Bird

When you find it, share it! Can you find things easily? What if you want to find a white object that’s fallen on snow filled forest? No, you actually don’t have to do it. Here’s a picture, there’s a bird somewhere in this picture and you have to search for it. Easy, right? Don’t forget to share it … Read more

Picture Riddles: Count The Number of Triangles

Test your skills with Geometry. Look at the picture below and count the number of triangles in the picture. So were you able to solve the riddle? Leave your answers in the comment section below. If you get the correct answer, please share it with your friends and family on WhatsApp, Facebook and other social … Read more

Challenge Your Brain: What Will You Buy?

Challenge your brain with this brain teaser. Your boss likes to challenge you all the time. This time he gives you a single gold coin and tells you to buy; Something for him to eat Something for him to drink. Something to feed his cows Something to plant in his garden And most importantly you … Read more