Aamir Khan Jokes and Forwards on WhatsApp and Social Media

Aamir Khan is no stranger to controversies. In fact, over time he has become good friends with them. So just when everybody thought that the intolerance row which created a huge media furore in the country is finally losing steam, Aamir made a grand entry into the thick of things and made them worse by saying that he and his wife Kiran Rao were actually contemplating leaving the nation over rising intolerance in the country!

While a lot of people were shocked by this startling revelation, we noticed that the warning signs were always there. Here are some memes, jokes and forwarfs from WhatsApp and social media sites like Twitter which show that Aamir Khan was forever hinting at leaving India in his movies.



Check them out:

Actually….Aamir has completely misunderstood the whole issue.

What his wife said was



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Dear Aamir Khan,

Listen to your wife & move out to any of the 56 Islamic country.

Make another PK movie making fun of Mohmmad the way u have done with lord Shiva when u were at India.

If u r still alive, come back and share your tolerable experience of these countries.


#Bajrangi Bhaijaan..

Aap ke dost ka KHANdaan is feeling insecure..

Toh aap ka farz banta hai …. unko border ke us paar chhod ke aao .. !!


Darwaza khula hai jisko nikalna hai nikal lo……Aamir Khan, Shahrukh Khan…..


Dear Aamir khan… The satire your movie made on Indian Gods and beliefs (and rightly so) wouldn’t have been allowed in quite a few countries…. #PK. Nonetheless you should set an example of being a nice obedient husband and make Kiranjis wish come true…how about Oman, Jeddah or Myanmar? Few of the most open economies of the world! Very tolerant.


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History is witness to the fact that Amir has always picked up some controversy just before the release of his movies….this time it is a new low.. Cheap stunt….

Does his statement make any difference to my life …. Actually not.. I really don’t care for his opinion.. What irritates me Z hat he has used FREEDOM of SPEECH of TOLERANT India to Brand the country as INTOLLERANT..thats unfair..dont drag down the whole country in ur liberal use of right to FREE SPEECH..

Piece of advice to Amir.. try to keep ur bedroom conversation to ur bedroom.. if u r so keen in sharing it then I would like to go further and ask what was the reaction of Kiran( she is smarter of two i believe)..hopefully she has given u one across ur face


Please do not watch Dilwale / Dangal releasing on 18th Dec 2015 and 2016 (Dangal) as our super stars SRK / Aamir thinks they r staying in a Intolerant Nation. Let’s show them the power of a tolerant Indians by staying away from watching their movies till they apologises for their statements made recently…… I WILL NOT WATCH… Spread the message and ask your network to do the same…

Jai Hind…….


SHOCKING …. a person like Aamir khan making a statement like that … Irrespective of what the issue is … How could you b so ungrateful to a nation that has given you soooo much … I mean you host shows like SATYAMEVA JAYATE … n when it comes to issues of the country instead of facing it all together you choose the easy way out and say .. “Kiran even suggested we leave the country”….. I mean u bask in the glory of being a STAR ..so much of love ,fame ,success ,money recognition given to you by this country … U simply wipe it all out with one sentence like .. Should LEAVE THE COUNTRY .. like who needs you anyway Mr Aamir Khan … We are better off without people like you … Who feign concern about the people with crocodile tears on their shows on national TV … but who actually don’t care a fucking DAMN about what actually happens to it … All you care about is the FAT PAY PACKET you receive at the end of the show for shedding those crocodile tears … We don’t need you … We THE INDIANS … have survived all these years n will continue doing so TOGETHER … With or without you …



Taslima Nasreen noted Bangladesh writer commented today

Aamir you earned 300 crores by mocking Hindu gods in PK if you have done this in Pakistan or Bangladesh on Muslim religion you would have been hanged and still you say in India is intolerant


प्रिय किरण राव,

सबसे अधिक असुरक्षित तो तुम आमिर खान के घर पर हो – पता नहीं कब वह तीसरी ले आए!

तुम्हारा एक हमदर्द


An open letter to Janab Aamir Khan,

Janab Aamir Khan,

I am an ordinary Indian citizen and an avid movie-goer. You are a superstar in a country where the majority of movie-goers are Hindu. For years, we have spend our money to buy tickets for your movies. It is our money that has made you what you are today.

We clapped when as ACP Ajay Rathore, you destroyed a sweet-talking Gulfam Khan in Sarfarosh. We cheered when as Bhuvan, you played the winning shot in Lagaan. We cried when as a sensitive art teacher, you made us root for Ishaan Awasthi in Taarey Zamin Par.

A couple of generations before you, an Yusouf Khan had to become a Dilip Kumar to be accepted and a Mahajabeen Bano had to reinvent herself as Meena Kumari. Not you though. Neither you, nor your contemporaries had to hide your identity to be successful.

You became a star in a new India. An India, where only your first name mattered. We loved you because you were Aamir, a brilliant actor. Neither your last name mattered to us, nor your faith.

But yesterday, you proved to us that for you and your wife at least , it is your last name that matters more than anything else.

Your name is Khan and you Sir, are a hypocrite.

You did not scream intolerance when your city burned at the hands of some of your co-religionists. Your wife did not feel insecure when a mammoth crowd of some of your co-religionists attended the funeral of a hanged terrorist. You were silent even when a mob from Reza Academy kicked and destroyed a national memorial and manhandled female cops.

But now, suddenly, your wife feels insecure in India and wants you to move out.

If I WERE indeed intolerant, I would suggest you move to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the safest place on earth, where Begum Kiran Rao can feel absolutely secure inside her abaya and your little son can grow up watching public executions in a Riyadh square.

But I am not going to do that. As a tolerant Indian, the only thing I can and WILL do is to make sure that not even one rupee of my hard-earned money goes towards buying tickets for your movies.

Thanks for the disappointments.


A hurt Indian


In 2004, MF Hussain directed and released a movie titled Meenaxi, starring Tabu. A song in the movie, Noor-Un-Al, had a verse taken from the Quran. The All-India Ulema council, Milli council, All India Muslim council, Raza academy, Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Hind, Jamat-e-Islami etc. protested against the movie, calling it blasphemous. In response, MF Hussain’s son said his father had no intentions to offend anyone, and quietly withdrew the movie from theatres just two days before its release. You haven’t spoken a word against the intolerance of the groups mentioned above.


When the movie Vishwaroopam was released, Muslims in Tamil Nadu protested, and agreed to allow the movie’s release only after certain scenes were cut. Vishwaroopam, stars Kamal Hassan, who on many occasions has mocked Hindu gods and Hindu practices. At the peak of the protest, you never spoke a word against the intolerance of the Muslim groups.


Various Christian groups rose in protest against the movie adaptation of Da Vinci code, and the movie was banned in Punjab, Goa, Nagaland, Meghalaya, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. In other places, the movie was released with an ‘Adult’ certificate, despite the movie having no explicit scenes whatsoever. In addition, the censor board insisted that theatres carry a special 15 seconds disclaimer before and after the movie. Till now, you haven’t uttered a word against the intolerance of the Christian groups.

Ironically, when your movie PK released, the government of the day did not interfere with the artistic rights of the film makers, despite many sections of the society feeling hurt by its portrayal of their faith. Much after the movie had runs its course, you offered a reluctant apology for hurting the sentiments of people, but that was after the movie grossed a whopping INR 7 billion.

And when your fellow actor Salman Khan was convicted by a court for homicide, which involved killing poor people lying on the pavement, you never spoke a word against drunken driving; instead, you went, hugged him and expressed your solidarity with the convicted Salman Khan.

And yes, there is growing intolerance in India. On March 13th, a 71-year-old nun was raped in a church in Kolkata, by a Bangladeshi immigrant Mohammad Salim Sheik, with the help of his other Bangladeshi friends. Four youth from the suburbs of Kalyan joined the ISIS, and many from West Bengal and a few other states are likely to join the Islamic State. Thirty-seven-year-old Afsha Jabeen was arrested by the Telangana police, for recruiting youth in India to join ISIS. And do you know what Arif Fayaz and Fahad Shaikh, two misguided Indian youth who left India to join ISIS told their families? They said ‘I do not want to live in this sinful country.’ Now does that sound familiar?

No matter who we are, we should never forget that this nation gives us more than what we give back to it. And to carry forward our personal agenda, such as promoting our next movie, we should never try to be in the news by pulling the nation down. And everything in life is not about a deal that you can snap whenever it doesn’t serve your vested commercial interests.

Satyameva Jayate,



Kiran Rao wife of Aamir Khan says she wants to leave India for the safety of their children ..

Also heard Martyr Colonel Santosh Mahadik’s wife saying both her children will join Indian Army to safeguard our Country



Really Mr. Amir Khan? What are you waiting for? Please pack your bags and leave. Oh ho! You are waiting for your movie to release. Shame on you. All for a publicity stunt. Weren’t you the same guy who acted in Sarfarosh, Lagaan and other critically acclaimed movies? And what was Satyamev Jayate, a hogwash? How can national personalities like you make such anti-national comments? A wife makes a no brainer comment to her husband and you choose to make it newspaper headlines. Can we expect some responsible behaviour from you? Obviously not. Just do us a favour and leave ASAP. Many countries have visa on arrival. Dont waste your and our time. We certainly dont need you. India is better off without you, your wife and kids. I respected you and now you have lost it completely. We have been tolerating you for far too long and dont try our patience now…..

wonder why should we tolerate you and your movies going forward????


Some memes from Scoopwhoop.com

Aamir Aamir Aamir Aamir Aamir

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