Russel Peters – Women are thinkers

Here’s what Canadian comedian and actor Russel Peters has to say about women.

Russel Peters -Women are thinkers

Transcripts of the video (Auto-generated)

0:00 crazy women a little crazy on you know has a problem with the men and women
0:05 situation is
0:06 here’s the here’s the actual I broken it down with the promise problem is
0:11 that women are always thinking
0:14always their brains are continuously working
0:18they never stop thinking that doesn’t have to be about them are you
0:22they just thinking about shit all the time right now biggie could be sitting
0:25here looking at the stage when with the stage me love
0:27just heard just CC’s lack because that’s what she was thinking just imagine how
0:32it is made of him
0:33microphone heavy the wonderful who’s always thinking that they’re just
0:38thinkin ish
0:39all the time humanistic that’s why women holding up dream
0:43I we go I wish I could remember my fuckin dream I don’t know my dreams
0:49having your girlfriend wake up from a dream and she dreamt about you needed
0:52some fucked up shit in her dream to make them mad at you
1:04fax me
1:07what I do you know what you did I woke up
1:14wish didn’t
1:19the women are always thinking membrane continuously moving
1:23was exercising that brain see guys have the ability to do something that women
1:29can do
1:30I love you can’t do it or be just choose not to I don’t be afraid your brain will
1:34shut off if you do this shit or something
1:36good guys have the ability to sit there
1:39for like 15 minutes stare off into space
1:45and think about nothing the
1:55when I say nothing I mean there isn’t one single fought in our head
2:00like if you were to put
2:03a camera in our head to see what we were thinking to be a blank screen
2:08at best and bass a fuckin screen saver message is this
2:21and women can’t handle that shit
2:23Islam allows come over to you when you’re have your 15 minutes have
2:26thoughtless time and always come over
2:30her I’m ever notice how fuckin scared me give you that
2:43and we tell you everything about nothin
2:46to hear the thing about a month into a relationship one look at you go
2:52probably something churning wanna
3:01you never lied to me I
3:08and that’s the first time we lie to you
3:20its mess that was when you tell you woman the truth
3:23and that’s the wrong answer
3:26he tell you the truth and that’s not what you wanted to hear they tell you
3:30never lied to me
3:31we tell you the truth and it’s not what you want to hear me a good jurors are
3:34bad reviews been indifferent truth
3:36but they don’t wanna fuck in here about that someone asking
3:39what do you think about and we go know them
3:43we just told you the truth but that’s not what you wanted to hear
3:46kill you think about something
3:51not was it was not have another there wasn’t anything in my enough really
3:59this third accusing you what was true today
4:03we think I’m hiding my fucking thoughts
4:06even if I was them I fuckin box
4:10ever wanna be real what a setup say
4:18you said by for anything
4:40and it’s at that moment we have to make a decision
4:43you force us to lie to you
4:47we have to invent a story right then and there
4:51to tell you what we were thinking just so you don’t think
4:55where retarded earner
5:01Arthur when I think poses the doomed
5:06I love pretty you are

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