Whatsapp Riddle: Guess the Names of Indian Cities and States

Solve this.

These are a few Indian States and cities translated into English.

Guess the Names

1) Green gate

2) Kings coat

3) Snake City

4) Elephant night

5) Large state

6) Mom’s maid

7) Go piece

8) Go and Come

9) Center State

10) Do acting

11) North Piece

12) Roar Village

13) Fall

14) Come in evening

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2 thoughts on “Whatsapp Riddle: Guess the Names of Indian Cities and States”

  1. 1. haridwar
    2. rajkot
    3. nagpur
    5. maharashtra
    6. mumbai
    8 goa
    9 madhya pradesh
    10. karnataka
    11. uttarakhand
    12 gurgaon
    14 asam


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