Types Of People in Every WhatsApp Group

For most of us life without WhatsApp has become unimaginable.

WhatsApp has actually made life easy, people can instantly share photos, videos, their current location and contacts with a single touch. It is the best and most budget friendly app to have personal chats and group chats. People are mostly busy “whatsapping” each other.

WhatsApp groups have gained extreme popularity and almost every WhatsApp user would have at least 3 groups from the following on their phone.

  • Family group,
  • Friends group,
  • School group,
  • College group,
  • Jokes / Forwards Group and
  • Office group.

Here are the different types of people you would normally find on every Whatsapp group.

  1. The one who always only sends ‘Good morning’ and ‘Goodnight’ texts or may be just a short GM and GN otherwise they just disappear and remain inactive for the entire day.
  2. Person who puts up weird group profile picture and changes the group name often.
    The group profile picture and name has to be funny and creative, isn’t it?
  3. The plan-maker: The one who will always try to make some plans to meet up. This is especially seen in school groups and college groups where people don’t meet frequently. They would go “Let’s meet up guys. Long time no see”.
  4. Excited but have no idea what for: These people are always excited about the plan, but don’t really know what the plan is.
  5. The plan breaker: This person loves to cancel plans. Always.
  6. Single word replier: Their vocabulary is limited to one word at a time.
  7. LOL person or the Smiley Lover: They are the laziest of the lot and believe expressions speaks louder than words. They only reply with short forms like LOL, ROFL etc or emoticons.
  8. The Spammer: or someone who just sends Forwards all the time. This person loves to send all kinds of forwards. All the time. They love to share random messages, stupid and funny videos and photos.
  9. The Invisible Person: You wonder whether this person even exists in the group. They never reply or voice their opinion. Absolutely Zero participation. But they are aware of everything that is happening in the group as they read every single message sent on the group.
  10. The one who leaves the group for any reason: This one might like attention or maybe he simply gets bored of the group so he keeps exiting the group and you add him back just to annoy him more.
  11. Changes the group name according to every occasion: This person changes the group’s name to every small occasion in the group Happy Birthday, Congrats, Happy Diwali etc. Sometimes it’s because of this person we remember birthdays.
  12. Envy me person: This type of person goes to fancy places, clicks selfies and shares it in the group so the entire group can envy them.

These are the people that make every WhatsApp groups fun and interesting and each one should have them.

So go ahead forward this to your WhatsApp group and figure out who’s who.

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