A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads: Guess all of Them

An excellent Tribute To Classic Indian Ads by AIB.

AIB collaborates with Voctronica to pay tribute to the era of advertising that defined our childhood. Best to listen to this with your headphones on!


A Tribute To Classic Indian Ads (Full Version feat. AIB & Voctronica)


Created by: AIB & Voctronica
Directed by: Kumar Devanshu, Tanmay Bhat
DOP: Sahirr Raza, Vivian
Assistant Directors: Junhai Nath, Karunesh Talwar
Creative Directors: Karunesh Talwar, Tanmay Bhat, Arjun Nair
Line Producer: Vikram Singh
Editor: Shashwata Dutta
Online Gfx: Rishab Malhotra
DI: QLabs
Mix: Arjun Nair
Voice Over: Ashwin Mushran

Voctronica is India’s first all-vocal ensemble comprising of Avinash Tewari, Meghana Bhogle, Raj Verma, Arjun Nair, Warsha Easwar, Clyde Rodrigues.
No instruments, No kidding.



Here’s the exhaustive list of all the ads covered in the video with the time intervals-

1) 0:19 Doodh Doodh Doodh Doodh: It’s an ad for ‘The Operation Flood’ of National Dairy Development Board (NDDB) created by Amul (It was ‘The Anand pattern experiment at Amul’ as Verghese Kurien who was the founder of Amul, was also made the chairman of NDDB by the prime minister Shri Lal Bahadur Shastri.)

2) 0:30 Washing Powder Nirma: It’s an ad by Nirma Pvt Ltd., for their best selling detergent powder ‘Nirma’

3) 0:39 Roz Roz Nima Rose: Again, it’s an ad by Nirma Pvt ltd., for their beauty soap called as ‘Nima Rose’

4) 0:46 Vicks Ki Goli Lo: It’s an ad by the brand ‘Vicks’ of Procter & Gamble India Ltd., a subsidiary of Procter & Gamble Co., an american multinational consumer goods company, for their product Vicks throat drops (peppermint and menthol flavored candy)

5) 0:51 Oo La La La La Lule O: This was the original ad campaign for the Kingfisher Beer, an all-Indian beer brewed by United Breweries Group of Vijay Mallya. The original ad featured the West Indian Cricket team partying by the pool side.

6) 0:57 Aya Naya Ujala: It’s an ad by Jyothi Laboratories Ltd., for their post wash application and instant whitener (for white cloths) called as ‘Ujala’ which has also become their flagship brand.

7) 1:03 Vicco Turmeric, Nahi Cosmetic: It’s an ad by Vicco group of companies, for their natural turmeric based skin care product called as ‘Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream’.

8) 1:08 Nan Na Na Na (Jingle): A jingle for an ad by ICICI Bank which was created for positioning their banking services.

9) 1:15 You & I..: It’s an ad for Hutchison Essar Ltd., (which has now become Vodafone Ltd.) for their campaign of mobile services. It also featured that famous Pug of Vodafone for the first time.

10) 1:22 We’re the Blackberry Boys: It’s an ad for Blackberry Ltd., (formerly Research In motion Ltd.) for their Blackberry brand of services.

11) 1:30 Vajradanti Vajradanti: It’s an ad by Vicco group of companies, for their herbal tooth powder called as Vicco Vajradanti powder & paste.

12) 1:44 Bole Mere Lips: It’s an ad campaign for Uncle Chips!

13) 1:45 Jab Suraj Dhale: It’s an ad by Surya Roshni Ltd., for Surya’s incandescent light bulbs and tube lights.

14) 1:51 All I want is an English Marie: It’s an ad by Bakeman’s Industries Ltd., for their Bakeman’s Marie Biscuits. (Bakeman’s is now nowhere on the pan-India scene as some decisions in the early 00’s cost its market share and they even lost their presence in UP, where they had a very strong presence, due to increasing price and loosing competitiveness in turn.)

15) 1:56 Buland Bharat Ki: It’s a very famous ad by Bajaj Auto Ltd., for their scooter!

16) 2:02 Wah Taj: It’s an ad by a tea brand Brook Bond(under the umbrella branding of HUL Ltd.), for its sub-brand Taj Mahal.

17) 2:06 The healthy oil for healthy people: It’s an ad by Agro Tech Foods Ltd. (A subsidiary of ConAgra Foods Inc.), for their Sundrop brand of oil.

18) 2:13 (Jingle): It was an ad by the Titan company of Tata group, for Titan brand of watches.

19) 2:21 Kya Aap Ke Danton Mein Sadan Hai?: It’s an ad by Colgate-Palmolive company, for their flagship brand Colgate’s product called as ‘Colgate Active Salt’ toothpaste.

20) 2:28 Kya Aap Close-Up Karte Hain?: It’s an ad by HUL ltd., for their toothpaste brand ‘Close-Up’.

21) 2:30 Pan Parag: It’s an ad by Pan Parag India Ltd. (of Kothari Group), for their flagship brand Pan Parag Paan Masala.

22) 2:34 Oye Bubbly: It was an ad by Pepsico for their flagship brand Pepsi, the carbonated drink.

23) 2:37 Alpenliebe: It’s an ad by Perfetti van Melle (Italy), for their candy brand ‘Alpenliebe’.

24) 2:43 – The depiction resembles that of the ads for e.g. B-Tex cream and/or Itch Guard cream.

25) 2:47 – The depiction resembles that of the ads for fairness creams; especially Fair &Lovely brand.

26) 2:51 The depiction resembles that of the ads for any washing soap ads. For example Rin Supreme Washing Soap.

27) 2:54 – The depiction is of the instant cereal by Nestle called as Celrelac.

28) 2:55 – The depiction is of the instant cereal by GlaxoSmithkline (GSK), called as Farex.

29) 2:56 – The depiction is of the milk based nutritional beverage making powder made by Heinz company, called as Complan.

30) 2:58 Chubhti Jalti Garmi: It’s an ad by Paras Pharmaceuticals Ltd., for their brand called ‘Dermi Cool’ prickly heat powder.

31) 3:04 Jago Grahak Jago: It’s an ad campaign created by ‘The Food and Public Distribution Department of Consumer Affairs’, Ministry of Consumer Affairs.

32) 3:09 Jab Ghar Ki Raunak Badhani Ho: It’s an ad by Kensai Nerolac Paints Ltd., for their flagship brand Nerolac Paints.

33) 3:20 M.D.H…MDH: It’s an ad by Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd., for their flagship brand M.D.H. Spices

34) 3:28 Pav Bhaji, Paani puri, Chat Ka masala: It’s an ad by Jhaveri industries (Pvt. Ltd.) for their flagship brand Badshah Masala

35) 3:37 Pakde Rehna, Chhodna Nahi: It’s an ad by Pidilite industries Ltd., for their flagship brand of adhesives ‘Fevicol’.

36) 3:41 Lijjat Papad: It’s a famous ad by Shri Mahila Grihaudyog Ltd., for their flagship brand Lijjat Papad.

37) 3:42 Wakkaow: It’s an ad by the Coca Cola company, for their new product variant of coca cola called as ‘Vanilla Coke’.

38) 3:43 to 3:52 Kitchen king Ho Ya: Again, it’s an ad by Mahashian Di Hatti Ltd., for their flagship brand M.D.H. Spices (their different offerings).

39) 3:53 EsselWorld Mein Rahunga Mein: It’s an ad by Pan India Paryatan Pvt. Ltd., for their theme park in Gorai called as ‘EsselWorld’.

40) 3:55 Jab Mein Chhota Baccha Tha: It was an ad by Bajaj Electricals Ltd., for their products viz., incandescent light bulbs and tube lights.

41) 3:58 Muh Mein Rajnigandha: It’s an ad by DS Group, for their product Rajnigandha Pan Masala.

42) 4:01 (Jingle): That’s the jingle used in the ads of nescafe, a coffee product by Nestle.

43) 4:03 Mango Frooti: It’s an ad by Parle Agro India Pvt. Ltd., for their famous mango flavored cold drink called as ‘Frooti’.

44) 4:05 Saundarya Sabun Nirma: It’s an ad by Nirma Pvt Ltd., for their beauty soaps range.

45) 4:07 Tandurusti Ki Raksha: It’s an ad by HUL for their very famous brand of soap called as ‘Lifebuoy’.

46) 4:13 School Time: It’s an ad by Action Group, for their Action Footwear subsidiary’s brand ‘School Time’ shoes.

47) 4:18 Laal, Kala, Pila: It’s a famous ad by RN Group, for their oral-care product ‘Classic Toothbrush’.

48) 4:20 Zhandu Balm, Zhandu Balm: It’s a famous ad by Emami Ltd., for their flagship brand Zhandu’s pain reliever balm called as ‘Zhandu Balm’.

49) 4:27 Boom Boom Boomer: It’s a tagline of a bubble gum called as ‘Boomer’ produced by Wrigley’s.

50) 4:33 Hum Mein Hain Hero: It’s a relatively recent ad campaign by Hero Motocorp Ltd. for positioning their brand, after they had announced their demerger with Honda Motor Company, Japan.

51) 4:37 – SnapDeal, an online marketplace forum and e-commerce website.

52) 4:40 Papa, Perol Khatam Hi Nahi Hunda: It’s an ad of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., with an implication to their fuel efficiency.

53) 4:43 God damn annoying…??

54) 4:45 Tedha Hai Par Mera Hain: It’s an ad of Kurkure, a brand of corn puffs produced by Pepsico India.

55) 4:48 Too Much information??

56) 4:50 Do The Dew: It’s an ad for ‘Mountain Dew’, a carbonated beverage of Pepsico.

57) 4:53 LOL (Why Do You Want To Sleep With Condensation?)

58) 4:55 Agar Tum Rupa Ki: It’s an ad for Rupa’s vests and briefs manufactured by Rupa & Co Ltd.

59) 4:59 ??

60) 5:01 Taste The Best, Mummy Aur Everest: It’s a tagline of ‘Everest Masala’, the brand of Everest Spices.

61) 5:05 – LOL (Why are you tasting your mom?)

62) 5:09 – It’s … Not …??

63) 5:14 – It’s general disclaimer of Mutual Funds Investment Ads

64) 5:17 Ting Ting Ti Ding (Jingle): It’s a famous jingle at the end of all the ads of Britannia Industries Ltd.’s products.

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