Guess the 4 Digit Car Number

Here is a riddle in 2 languages, I received the Hindi one on WhatsApp so I translated it to English for those who don’t understand the Hindi Language.

There is a 4 digit car number,
4th digit is double of 1st digit,
2nd n 3rd digits are same,
And last digits together are double of first two digits
Can you guess the car number?

Hindi Version:

Hai koi genius sahi ans de sake…???

Ek car ka number 4 digits ka hai.
4th digit,1st digit ka double hai.
2nd n 3rd digits same hai.
Aur first two digits ka double last two digits hai.
Bolo car ka kya number Hai ?????

Ans: ????

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    • 1st two digit it means 49 ka double h last two digit 98 …it’s right u tell me how to multi ply the no 10 …where it come


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