Find the Missing Numbers In the Riddle

A brain teaser and riddle helps you kick start your brains in the morning.

It’s been scientifically proved that the brain that is used more thinks well.

So use your brains to solve this numerical riddle.

In the given riddle you have to find the values of the missing numbers.

? ?
7 8
4 5
1 2



These riddle has 2 answers, I guess both are right.

Answer 1:

The first answer is pretty straight forward, no out of the box thinking.

Just look at the series from bottom to top and you will come to know that one number is skipped when the numbers move to the next column;

Like after 1 and 2, 3 is skipped and the next numbers are 4 and 5 after which 6 is skipped and 7 and 8 appear.

Hence 9 would be skipped and the next number in the series would be 10 and 11.

So the answer as per this is 10 and 11.

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2 thoughts on “Find the Missing Numbers In the Riddle”

  1. FIRST COLUMN 4-1=3, 7-4=3 SAME DIFFERENCE ADD 3 + 7 = 10

    SECOND COL 5-2=3, 8-5=3 SAME DIFFERENCE ADD 3 + 8 = 11


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