Tough Logical Puzzle: Black or White Dot on Forehead

There are five men, let’s say Tarun, Harish, Lavesh, Manoj and Manish.

All of them have a dot mark on their forehead. (Either black or White)

They can’t see the dot on their own forehead, but can see the ones on others.

The owner of WHITE dot is an honest person and will never lie, while the owner of BLACK dot will always lie.

This is the statement from Tarun, Harish, Lavesh and Manish:

Tarun: ‘I see 3 whites and 1 black’.

Harish: ‘I see 4 black’.

Lavesh: ‘I see 3 black and 1 white’.

Manish: ‘I see 4 white’.

What color is the dot on each Tarun, Harish, Lavesh, Manoj and Manish’s forehead?


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