How Much Toll Will A Man Travelling From Kerala to Mumbai Pay With Coconuts

Read the riddle and help the man calculate the toll.

A man leaves from Kerala with 3 sacks of 30 coconuts each.

He comes across 30 tolls till he reaches Mumbai.

He has to give 1 coconut for each sack containing coconuts as toll tax at every toll.

How much coconuts are left with him at Mumbai.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Toll Will A Man Travelling From Kerala to Mumbai Pay With Coconuts”

  1. The person is required to give one coconut from each sack if he has atleast one coconut in that particular sack. So, according to your solution for the first 10 tolls, he gives 30 coconuts from one sack which he cannot do. Answer will be different if you follow another method.

    • He gives thirty coconuts in total…as he has 3 bags (1 coconut each from 1 bag so 3 coconuts for 3 bags.)
      We assume that the bag can hold only 30 coconuts so he has to wait till 30 coconuts get over to reduce the number of bags.
      Hence he waits for 10 tolls where he can transfer all the coconuts into 2 bags now.

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