Nizam of Hyderabad Who Used his Rolls Royce For Transporting Garbage

Did you know that in the older times, the most expensive and the most famous Rolls Royce car belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad? And wonder what he used to do with the royal car? Hyderabad Nizam Mukarram Jah used his Rolls Royce cars pick up garbage across the city. Yes, you might wonder on that but it’s true. Here’s the full story.

One day during his visit to London, Nawab Of Hyderabad was walking in casual dress in Bond Street. He saw a Rolls Royce showroom and went inside to inquire about the Price and Features etc. of their cars.
Considering him a just another Poor Indian citizen, showroom salesmen insulted him and almost showed him the way out of the showroom. After this insult, Nawab Of Hyderabad came back to his Hotel room and asked his servants to call the showroom that Nawab Of Hyderabad is interested in purchasing their few Cars.

After few hours Nawab reached the Rolls Royce showroom again but with his full astonishing royal manner and in his royal costume. Until he reached the showroom there was already red carpet on the floor and all the salesmen were bent with respect. The Nawab purchased all the six cars that they had at showroom at that time and paid full amount with delivery costs.


After reaching India, Nawab ordered municipal department to use all those six Rolls Royce cars for cleaning and transporting city’s waste. World’s number one Rolls Royce cars were being used for transportation of City’s waste, the news spread all over the world rapidly and the reputation of Rolls Royce Company was in drains.

Whenever someone used to boast in Europe or America that he owned a Rolls Royce, people used to laugh saying, “which one? The same that is used in India for carrying the waste of the City?”

Due to such reputation damages, sales of Rolls Royce dropped rapidly and revenue of company owners started falling down. Then they sent a Telegram to the king in India for apologies and requested to stop transportation of waste in Rolls Royce cars. Not only this but they also offered Six new cars to Nawab free of cost..!!

Mukarram Jah was made the Nizam after his grandmother died in 1967. Prince Mukarram Jah was fond of expensive cars and the most famous and expensive cars could be seen is his garage. Today, his palace has been turned into a museum and the cars can be seen in an exhibition.

Rolls Royce Found Sweeping Roads In India

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  1. Its a truly fake news which is on google
    Real maharaja is one and only nizam sarkar.
    Hyderabad ke raja.which is shown in photos that Car is in chowmala palace in Hyderabad still available for fakers…jai sing shit u

  2. The whole story is just that a story. A Rolls-Royce historian researched the so called event and even spoke to a person who owned the alleged showroom. There are no records of Nawab buying any Rolls-Royces. But it is a nice story

    • Obviously there would be no record of such image tarnishing event. Am sure if i owned rolls royce i would have done everything in my power to ensure such event will not have any record…and more upon that didnt the english rule india to ensure such shamed event be erased out … point to ponder

    • I went to the museum and saw the yellow Rolls Royce and …his other Rolls Royce’s – so don’t talk without reasearching honey. The story is well known in Hyderabad. I was born there

  3. The car in the photo with the brooms tied in the front is not from India. It has got Jewish inscriptions written at the foot of the photo. The brooms were tied there to protect the tires from getting punctured. Nobody would sweep roads with cars. People always create hype without even further thinking about that.

  4. this is the story of the nizam of hyderabad because i saw the cars in the museum u can see in chawmala palace in hyderabad.

  5. I think the same story is read by me but instead of Nizam Hyderabad it was Maharaja Bharatpur and car was three.The story was published in hindi magazine “KADAMMNI”

  6. A big issue is that the car pictured with the brooms is a 1934 Ford Phaeton. Google in images “1934 Ford Phaeton” to see identical cars. No Rolls ever had a grill like that or looked like that car. It is likely a French built Ford Phaeton as it has LHD and Marchal fender lights. The number plates also appears French and it would be consistent with the background street scene and the fact that during and after WWII brooms were often placed in front of cars in war torn Europe to sweep away broken glass and avoid the need to but difficult to obtain and strictly rationed replacement tyres. The stort may be true but the picture has nothing to do with Rolls Royce (or probably India).

      • That was funniest one.
        Broom was used to sweep sharp objects from street to prevent tyre.
        In such a royal car they couldn’t find any better way thus they fixed ugly looking broom just in front.


        Before doing research pls apply some common sense.


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