Poem – Eyes

It’s like a speck of dirt,

In a background pure and white,

Like the shining bright moon,

In the darkness of the night.

There are eyes that speak,

The deepest feelings unspoken,

And there are eyes which reveal,

The pain of a heart that’s broken.

There are aged eyes of a mother,

Full of love and expectations from her son,

And there are eyes of a poor working child,

Waiting to join other kids in the fun.

There are eyes full of tears,

Looking for support and strength,

And there are eyes waiting for someone,

To come and be my friend.

There are eyes which although present,

Leave a person in the world so dark,

And there are eyes which are beautiful,

To conquer millions of hearts.

A thing so unique and divine,

Which makes a place in the heart,

These are the eyes which do their work,

When words fail to do their part.

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