Hi Friends,

Am back again and this time I wanna share with you all a poem which I had written when I met the love of my life…my darling hubby, Puneet way back in 2003! This one’s dedicated to him!

You came into my world when the things seemed so dark,

You came and put me together when I had almost broken apart.

You showed me the colors of flowers and the sky so deep and blue,

Of how an injured bird rested and gathered the strength and flew.

The smile on your noble face with deep and twin cute dimples,

Made my days so warm and bright and filled my heart with ripples.

The warmth in the touch of your hand that protected my hand so softly,

The care and understanding you showed, I lost my heart to you gently.

The sweet moments I spent with you grows lovelier as days pass by,

And I seem to forget what sorrow is and the way I used to cry.

You are the ray of light in my world which was dull and dark,

All I want is nothing but your love and promise the same from my heart.

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