Fun Brain Quiz: Find the Number of Marbles in Each Jar

Those who like to challenge their brains can read this riddle and leave their answers in the comment section. You have two jars of Red and Blue marbles labelled as RM and BM. If you move one marble from RM to BM, the number of marbles in BM will become twice the number of marbles

Word Riddle Games: Come For A Ride, Just Me And You

Crack this word game riddle. Read the hints and answer the question. It goes up, but at the same time goes down. Up toward the sky, and down toward the ground. It’s present tense and past tense too, Come for a ride, just me and you. What is it? So were you able to solve

Word Riddle Games: I Am An Odd Number

Here’s one more of the word riddle games that you will love to solve. Challenge your brain and find out the number from the hints given in this word game puzzle. I am an odd number, take away an alphabet and I become even what number am I? So were you able to solve the

WhatsApp Riddles: 26 L of the A, 7 D of the W

If you like my previous post 64S on CB you will love this extended version of the same. You can see the below example to understand what needs to be done. Example: 24 H in a D. Ans. 24 hours in a day. 26 L of the A 7 D of the W 7 W of the