Experience Love, Way Past Its ‘Expiry’ Date

What happens when you have a dead but clingy husband, an irritated wife, and a fossilized dodo in the same house? Experience love, way past its ‘expiry’ date. Enjoy this short and sweet short film ‘El’ayichi’ by Devashish Makhija. El’ayichi  

A Short and Funny Film For Valentine\’s Day: The Date

Here is a simple really short but fun film from iCandy Productions. A romantic dinner at home, a date with the girl of his dreams, a chance to woo the lady he loves…. but not everything quite goes to plan. The Date – A Short and Funny Film For Valentine’s Day Did you enjoy the

PK Movie Spoof: Must Watch

After all the controversy surrounding the movie PK Shudh Desi Endings planned to come out with a non-controversial version of PK. Watch and enjoy this version guilt free as this version does not even touch the subject of religion. Check out CK where Amir Khan speaks like SRK to get his pendant back which actually

Text Me – An award-winning short love story

Falling for each other online, two teenagers finally meet in person for a date at what turns out to be a mob-owned Italian restaurant. Will their Internet love shatter or grow strong and rich like a tomato ragout? Watch the video and find out.   Text Me – An award-winning short love story Cast &

A Wednesday Movie Spoof: A Frustrated Software Engineer

All the software engineers from India will love this. For that matter anyone working long hours in office without leaves will be able to relate to this video. Ashima Theatre Group has put a really funny video which is a must see for every man who is tired of his job. This video is a