Whatsapp Riddle: Find the Words Which Have the Same Meaning Part 2

Improve your word power with this riddle.

Find the Words Which Have the Same Meaning

1. Name of a Soap Brand and Place of bath.

2. Name of a Tooth paste and A thorny tree.

3. Name of a Pencil and a Beauty in gold.

4. Name of a Toy and A sun sign.

5. Name of a Scooter and A Horse.

6. Name of a Television and Suits a king.

7. Name of a Watch and a Resident of a country.

8. Name of a Tooth brush and a Famous caves.

9. Name of a Shoe polish and Players of New Zealand.

10. Name of a Tea and Two animals.

11. Name of a Bulb and a Source of energy.

12. Name of a Mobile and a Salt.

13. Used in havan and Name of a filmy khandaan.

14. Name of Gemstones and a Former Prime Minister.

15. Name of a Pharmaceutical company and a Mountain range.

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