Appu Iyer Finds it Hard to Gel With the Changing Trends

‘Status Updated’ revolves around an introvert Appu Iyer, who finds it hard to gel with the changing trends in the current generation. He is hopelessly addicted to social networking sites, & quite desperate to get married. Though he is ready to take the challenges with a positive mind frame, the question remains whether Appu would accept what the world has to offer or will he succumb and withdraw into to his shell. ‘Status Updated’ is a rather light hearted, sarcastic take on the evolving mindset of the current generation.

The film, which was made on a shoe string budget marks the debut of almost all technicians & actors who have worked for the film. ‘Status Updated’ is the maiden venture of Nayak Cinema’s FiLM IT.


This Short Film has got the following Recognition.
Winner of ICE 2011(Internatonal Cultural Exchange) Short Film Festival, Pune.
Winner of ‘Reeload’, Manipal International Level Short Film Festival, Bangalore.
Official Selection at Avtar International Short Film Festival, Coimbatore.

FB Status Updated |New English Short Film

Co-written, Edited and Directed: Abhinav Sunder Nayak
Story, Screenplay: Suraj Nair
Cinematography: Karishma Thawani
Music: Ayush Man Shrestha
Online & Publicity Partner: Most Viral Media
Assistant Director: Karan Joshi

Pavan Bade, Pradnya Manwatkar, Rajashri Manohar, Sandeep Verma, Sudha Sawant