Funny Video: What if Google was a Guy?

We practically use Google to search everything these days. We rarely think twice about asking it for information in a clipped syntax that only a machine could love. Have you ever wondered that sometimes what we ask is actually so funny? What if Google was a guy, and you had to ask him those questions? Would you?

Everything you ask Google sounds a lot more stupid when you actually ask Google.


Here’s a funny video which shows how funny the search keywords would sound if there was actually a harried office worker with file cabinets full of the world’s information?

The great folks at College Humor imagine just such a scenario, with comic actor Brian Huskey playing Google.

Transcript of the Video (from Youtube)

0:04 next
0:04 hello there
0:09 is today tomorrow New Zealand, yes
0:12 what saying like Europe wet image
0:15 same like Europe what
0:20 is bitcoins butthole gross
0:24 fat fat pic who we’re concerned to these days
0:28 him your parents home
0:32 miss piggy you mean mississippi a
0:37 I’m not a dictionary my grandson Nathan some the girls
0:41 him you to
0:46 girls college
0:49 college girls nude
0:53 really
0:58 patcher castles pack cast
1:03 Pat castles
1:06 funny up
1:09 bitcoin market value we need
1:13 now out legal NYC Pacha castles
1:17 funny writer College Humor anything it is a sordid
1:21 what is prime meridian had gone cue
1:24 mean hedgehog IQ do you mean head to
1:28 out are all next toast your Aramex ohs
1:311 65 gunmen okay ironic 665 time in 20 years old
1:35 a relative signs download Firefox never heard a chrome
1:40 how to buy bitcoins Titanic drawing
1:43 Titanic movie drawing
1:46 Titanic movie drawing scene
1:50 Kate Winslet tits round two
1:55 Facebook dot com my grandson Nathan
1:58 no text-based all real free hamster
2:02 un buy bitcoins Boston Palmer it’s real tragedy
2:07 q1 cooking Shia come