Nirupa Roy Latest Jokes: The Bollywood Screen Mother

Nirupa Roy (born as Kokila Kishorechandra Bulsara; 4 January 1931 – 13 October 2004) was an Indian actress who appeared in Hindi films. Nirupa Roy was mostly known for portraying character roles of the Indian mother. She played leading roles in her early films and started playing mother roles during the 1970’s – 80’s. Her acting career spanned more than 50 years, and she acted in more than 475 films. She was referred to as the “queen of misery” in Hindi film circles.

Latest Nirupa Roy jokes that are trending on Twitter


  • Nirupa Roy’s blood group is “mA+”. Any loving son can donate.
  • Nirupa Roy sends Weepeys instead of Smileys.
  • Through the years Nirupa Roy had about half a dozen sons – she named all of them Vijay.
  • Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t keep his mom Nirupa Roy happy in Deewar, karma gave him a son like Abhishek Bachchan.
  • Marrying Nirupa Roy in a movie was an accepted method of committing suicide.
  • Godrej specially created a white hair dye for Nirupa Roy.
  • Nirupa Roy authored the book ‘Fifty Shades of White’.
  • Nirupa Roy’s laptop has got Widows-XP installed.
  • Once Rajinikanth scolded a girl for laughing in his class. Now she is known as Nirupa Roy. MIND IT.
  • Nirupa Roy often takes bath with her own tears.
  • Nirupa Roy can instantly cry on a joke.
  • Nirupa Roy’s laughing MMS goes viral…she claims it’s doctored.
  • Nirupa Roy has 6 sons. All of them are named Vijay.
  • After Nirupa Roy’s first marriage, her father said by mistake: “Sada abhaagan raho!”


  • Cannes to roll out white carpet for Nirupa Roy’s welcome!
  • In her next flick, Nirupa Roy might lock lips with Alok Nath.
  • Cannes to roll out white carpet for Nirupa Roy’s welcome.
  • Nirupa Roy’s most horrifying nightmare: she saw that she was young!!
  • Nirupa Roy’s most romantic moment: when her husband gave her flowers for the first time…on Mother’s Day.
  • Directors used to install Nirupa Roy as Widows XP Professional in their films.
  • Nirupa Roy’s daughter doesn’t talk to her anymore as she tried to name her ‘Vijay’ when she was born.
  • Nirupa Roy, holds the record for misplacing children the largest number of times in movies.
  • Nirupa Roy has 73 shades of white in her wardrobe collection.
  • Kumbh ka mela was started so that Nirupa Roy could lose her kids over there.
  • Nirupa Roy to play lead role in upcoming movie ‘Hasee To Phasee’.
  • When Nirupa Roy cuts an Onion the Onion starts crying.
  • When Nirupa Roy was born, some baba Jhandu Putreshwar had blessed her with “Ye bachchi badi ho kar MAA banegi”…rest, as they say, is History.


  • Nirupa Roy dragged Johnson & Johnson to court over the “No more tears” campaign.
  • Nirupa Roy plays Holi with sindoor.
  • Nirupa Roy’s Whatsapp status says: “Last cried at…”
  • Rakhee + Nirupa Roy = 700 litres per day of free tears.
  • Nirupa Roy was once approached for a comedy movie. That casting director lost his job.
  • CRY Foundation has offered Nirupa Roy to become its brand ambassador.
  • Nirupa Roy was born pregnant. She became grandmother at 4.
  • All ophthalmology textbooks have chapters dedicated to Nirupa Roy‘s different types of blindness and their corrective operations.Nirupa
  • Nirupa Roy looks for her groom in Obituary columns.
  • During school days, Nirupa Roy always preferred to dress as a Widow during fancy dress competitions.
  • Nirupa Roy still thinks Draupadi’s ‘Cheerharan’ was a wardrobe malfunction.
  • Nirupa Roy’s WhatsApp: Available, Busy Crying, At Blind School, At Funeral, My husband about to die, Can’t scream-sobbing only, In the hospital.
  • Normal mothers want their kids to take IIT Exams. Nirupa Roy wants her kids to take revenge.
  • Nirupa Roy has Guiness book of world record for becoming blind for maximum times & recovring eyes without medical treatment.
  • During school days, Nirupa Roy always preferred to dress as a Widow during fancy dress competitions.
  • Doing MBA after Engineering & then selling credit cards of a bank is like loving Katrina Kaif & marrying Nirupa Roy

Parents: Our baby is crying.

Doc: Since when?

Parents: Since birth.

Doc: Ohh! It’s normal

Parents: No she is 60 years now.

Doc: Nirupa Roy?


Here’s a short history of Nirupa Roy.

She was married to Kamal Roy at a very young age. They have two sons, Yogesh and Kiran. In 1946, Roy and her husband responded to an advertisement in a Gujarati paper looking for actors. She was selected and started her acting career with the Gujarati film Ranakdevi. The same year she acted in her first Hindi film, Amar Raj. One of her popular films was Do Bigha Zameen (1953). She largely played mythological characters in the films of the 1940s and 50s. Her image of a goddess was very strong and people would visit her home and seek her blessings.
Among her co-stars were Trilok Kapoor, Bharat Bhushan, Balraj Sahni and Ashok Kumar.
In the 1970s, her roles as mother to the characters played by Amitabh Bachchan made her name synonymous to the impoverished suffering mother. Her role in Deewar (1975) and its dialogues with reference to a mother and son are used as clichés. Throughout her career of over 60 years in movies, she has acted in over 250 movies. she did slow down considerably in the 1980s, but did make a comeback in 1999 with Lal Badshah.
Her end came quickly on October 13, 2004, at the age of 73, when she passed away after a cardiac arrest in Bombay.

She will always be remembered, not only as the ‘mother of Bollywood’ for her roles in movies like Gunsundari, Rani Rupmati, Deewar, Amar Akbar Anthony and many others.

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