Brief history of Product Placement in Movies

These days, we are quite immune to the amount of product placement – the art of discreetly promoting a brand by making it a part of the plot – that goes into a movie. Here is a small clip tracing the history of product placement from the black and white era to Michael Bay’s record-breaking

If Earth had Rings Like Saturn…

An interesting video that everyone should watch. If Earth had Rings Like Saturn… Here’s an innovative and curious take on the universe. A 3D animation poses the question, “What would Earth look like if it had a ring system like Saturn?” The short infotainment piece shows how the rings would appear from space and from

Funny Indian Ads

In this post I present a compilation of three Indian Ads which are really funny. I guess not many must have seen them. Enjoy them… Camelin Permanent Marker Ad Funny award winning Indian ad for Heinz – Housewife Very funny Indian ad for Education Times ,TOI – Hair Art  

Zodiac Sign Changes as a New Sign Ophiuchus Comes in


Ophiuchus Sign It’s a new year, and there’s new Zodiac signs for many in 2011. Professor Parke Kunkle of the Minnesota Planetarium Society says the Zodiac has a date problem. If you imagine the Earth as a spinning top, the axis changes as it wobbles. 5,000 years later, it means the stars are not aligned,

Benefits of Drinking Beer


Doctors have suggested that drinking up to a pint of beer a day is good for the health and can reduce the risk of diabetes and high blood pressure. They claimed that moderate consumption could even help people lose weight if combined with a healthy diet. Doctors Ramon Estruch and Rosa Lamuela tested 1,249 men

Praful and Hansa Jokes from the serial Khichdi

Hansa and Praful

One of the funniest shows ever on Indian television, ‘Khichdi’ takes you into the house of the dysfunctional Parekh family and is guaranteed to have you in splits with its uniquely funny characters. Allow Praful, Hansa, Jayshree, Bhavesh Kumar, Chakki and Jackie to amuse and delight you with their myriad interpretations of the mundane daily