Moving ahead in life…is it time?

Hi friends,

Very often in life we come across situations and events which are like signboards or signals about a change that is going to happen…some twist or turn in your life which may probably affect or change your life partially or fully?

I come across these things very often…as if I am driving a car and God is sitting next to me and giving instructions…each instruction is for various instances that happen in life, and the most amazing thing is even the roads quality or routes quality changes.

God says take a left or right- it means you need a change from the routine in your life, do something different today just for fun or trial!

God says change the gear…4th…5th…the road’s empty- he wants you to accelerate your life, its safe, you will move quickly and reach your destination faster!

God asks to slow down…brake- something unexpected is gonna happen, so you need to be aware and prepare for it!

God asks you to shut down your car and take a stretch- well! its time for you to take a break…you definately need one from the way life is treating you!

And if your car breaks down…then its an indication that you need to leave it there till its back on wheels and start walking along!

When incidents happen like these, do we get a hint on how to move? Like for example, I had one last thing to add on to my profile in my current organisation, and I did! is it an indication that its now time to move on?

A few friends who were a part of our group have suddenly started to have problems, is that an indication that we will never be a group again?

I wish we had magnetic compass for showing life’s directions too! 😀

have a great weekend!